Allison McGrath

Allison McGrath, BA, CLT
Navigator & Advocate
Serving Thompson-Okanagan

Allison is a Lymphedema Therapist, Orthopedic Massage with a primary focus in Oncology, Breast Cancer, Trauma, PTSD and Critical Illness. Allison has been a part of her patients’ healthcare teams for more than 10 years working with them through all stages of illness from a first diagnosis to end of life.

Early in her career she was overwhelmed by the number of people who were struggling to find their way through the maze of information and misinformation and wait times in the health care system. She began researching their illness and building networks to help them build an Integrative health care team and find the best options for their needs, often sending them to appointments with a list of questions. Patient navigation and advocacy became a growing part of her practice and joining Patient Pathways was a natural fit.

“Many of my patients had critical and serious illness and were proactively trying to maintain their wellness; I became aware of the serious gap in communication and sharing of information between healthcare providers. There is a desperate need for having networks and advocates for finding health care options and communication with other trusted professionals for patients and their families. I have had to fiercely advocate for my own health issues and help navigate the system for others I know and love through research and guidance with diagnoses of cancer, mental health support, chronic and critical illness.”

Allison’s lifestyle is dedicated to health and wellness. She is a life long learner currently completing her health science degree. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, education and experience helping others.
She lives a very active outdoor life with her family, horses and her 4 legged, ‘Lets go on an adventure!’ partner, Walter.

She specializes in:

  • Integrative health care – resources and research
  • Family and health team meetings and mediation
  • Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Optimizing specialist care, treatment and appointments
  • Medical chart reviews
  • Providing workshops on Advanced Care Planning and becoming Empowered Patients
  • Set up and review of in home ‘In Case of Emergency’ forms

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