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Connie Jorsvik

News angles: healthcare, family, aging, baby boomers, accidental patient death, HR

Connie Jorsvik is an expert to interview (or write) on the topic of healthcare services. Connie has worked in healthcare for 40 years and has been an independent healthcare navigator and patient advocate for the since 2012. Connie has helped hundreds of families through her business, Patient Pathways, ( ) one of the first independent advocacy services in Western Canada. Her growing team helps people navigate the health-care system, which is often fractured, to get the care and services they need.

Healthcare crisis situations for patients occur because of communication challenges between patients and their healthcare teams, inadequate hospital discharge planning and an overtaxed healthcare system. Connie can discuss the available options that may allow people to avoid these critical situations, as well as many other serious issues in healthcare navigation.

Connie presents nationally, provincially and locally.

Relevant Topics We Are Expert On:

  1. Acute care crises, such as inappropriate discharge from ERs and hospitals, resulting in injury or death.
  2. Doctors behaving badly.
  3. Hospital staff behaving badly.
  4. Long wait lists for treatments, surgeries and specialist appointments.
  5. The caregiver crisis – family caregivers and paid caregivers within residential care.
  6. Abuse of healthcare workers.
  7. Health Care system in BC
  8. Patient Advocacy
  9. Healthcare Navigation
  10. Hospital discharge planning

Patient Pathways navigators are actively teaching in public workshops on being Empowered Patients and Caregivers so the public receive the healthcare they need and deserve.

Past Media Appearances

BC CTV News Video and Print
Webpage Story: 2016-Aug16-CTV
Video Story: Connie Josvik at 1:28

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Webpage Story: Screencapture PDF: 2016-Oct15-CBCNews

Toronto Star: Print
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