Tracy Gardiner

Patient Pathways, Halifax, Tracy GardinerTracy Gardiner, Advanced Care Paramedic  |  Navigator/Advocate  |

Tracy trained to be a paramedic in Dartmouth and New Hampshire and has been a full-time paramedic since 1996, obtaining the highest level of Advanced Care Paramedic. She has worked throughout Nova Scotia in urban and rural settings.

“I’ve noticed that patient’s and families are unaware of the resources that exist or the capacity to access them. I have a special interest in doing what’s right for my patient instead of fitting them into a neat category. Sometimes an emergency room isn’t the best place for them: they just need appointments set up, home care put in place, or to have their family involved because they have lost some capacity and aren’t able to take care of themselves.”
She has specialized training in palliative care and delivers an in-home palliative care program to registered patients who register for this collaborative program involving palliative care doctors, family physicians, and paramedics. She has helped friends and family understand their serious illnesses and the resources they have needed.

Tracy has chosen to work as a healthcare navigator and patient advocate to help more people access vital information and resources.

Her specialties include:

  • Helping to sort through and organize your medical history.
  • Hospital discharge planning.
  • Attending specialist appointments and making information understandable for you and your loved ones.
  • Palliative and hospice resources and end-of-life support – in the setting you chose.

Tracy grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia where friends, family and community came first. She now lives near Halifax.