Why We Are Here

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We support patients and families as they journey through serious and complex illness, injury and end-of-life. We believe in helping people transform medical crisis and chaos through communication, empowerment, knowledge, and education.


To improve the quality of life of adults affected by serious, complex, traumatic and chronic illness by navigating our fractured and ever changing health care system, and advocating for care when it is, or has been, denied. We will be at our clients’ sides when family and friends are overwhelmed or cannot be present.

I am delighted to have known Connie Jorsvik as an independent health care navigator and advocate for a client  after the client’s lengthy and complex hospitalization.  Connie has consistently shown the highest level of professionalism and dedication to her role as client’s advocate and as a nurse.  She also handled the client and the client’s family member’s behavior complexities with calmness, grace and professionalism.  Her support throughout the care transition of this client is very much appreciated by staff members.

 I commend Connie to anybody who is needing professional service as personal healthcare navigator and patient advocate. I look forward to meeting with Connie again in the future.



  • Respect and dignity for each person
  • Compassion for all who are entrusted to our care
  • Integrity and accountability as we meet our responsibilities
  • Open, accessible and responsive communication

Kerry has been invaluable to me in my doctor appointments both with my general practitioner and my specialists. Her understanding of the medical system and the terminology is crucial to my comprehension of my medical conditions. She always summarizes and clarifies information so that I am able to make reasonable and rational decisions regarding my health. If she didn’t come with me I know there are important things that I would miss if I were on my own. ~Bill P.


Paige helped simplify things for my wife and I when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. She came with us to our Oncologist appointments and coached us on what questions to ask, reviewed what was talked about in simple terms and clarified our options. It was comforting to have her with us during a scary and confusing time. ~P