Education For Empowered Patients

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Education For Empowered Patients

Is the “Jury Still Out on Saturated Fat”?

August 14th, 2015|0 Comments

by Jennifer Sweeney \When I consume fat, I want to know exactly what type of fat and where it came from. I eat saturated fat, and cook with with it, including ghee (clarified butter), bacon fat, tallow, lard, full-fat coconut milk and coconut oil. But I make sure the the sources of these fats are organic and from grass-fed animals and pastured pork. A recent news headline in Medline Plus stated: Jury Still Out on Whether Saturated Fat Is [...]

What is Patient Centered Care?

August 12th, 2015|0 Comments

by Connie Jorsvik The IOM (Institute of Medicine) defines patient-centered care as: "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions." Based on that definition, of course all health care should be patient centered. However, it’s not even close and likely never will be. Patient Centered Care will require ‘buy in’ and change of practice at every level, from governments, health authorities, doctors (a massive [...]

Why we need to be Empowered Patients and Families

May 28th, 2015|0 Comments

by Connie Jorsvik When we are accessing medical care, we are doing so because something is wrong. Our bodies, and often our heads, aren’t operating with their usual sharp and intelligent approach to problems because we are sick and hurt. The very definition of needing healthcare is to seek treatment because something is wrong, and when we are debilitated we just can’t think as straight as we can when we are healthy. Trisha Torrey – Founder of AdvoConnection and Author [...]