Effective Healthcare Communication 101: The power of staying logical in doctor’s appointments

Staying calm cool and collected during doctor’s appointments and healthcare meetings can be an incredible challenge but allowing yourself to be overly emotional can shut down doctor-patient communication in its tracks. Being overly emotional during health care appointments will reduce doctor interaction and the level of care you receive.  Emotions such as being anxious or […]

Re-admissions to hospital from the perspective of pre-hospital specialists – Paramedics

The BC Medical Journal recently published a study showing that the rate of BC patients readmitted to hospitals within a short time after they had been discharged is well above the national average, and that Vancouver Coastal Health’s readmission rate is the second highest for health regions in the province. As a 30-year paramedic, this […]

Patients and family members have a role in preventing hospital readmission

Recent reports that BC has the second highest re-admission rate after hospitalization of any province in the country comes as no surprise. Patient Pathways, an independent patient navigation and advocacy company, are often called in when crises related to hospital readmissions occur. Discharge Planning is the most important part of hospitalization. Patients and loved ones […]


Green Burial 101

Did you know… The amount of energy used to cremate one body is equivalent to driving 4800 miles The average funeral costs are between $7,000-$15,000 In 1 year, this is what went into the ground via traditional burials (in the US): -5 million gallons of embalming fluid (formaldehyde) -30 million board feet of hardwood -90,000 […]


Are you an Empowered Patient?

The World Health Organization defines patient empowerment as “a process in which patients understand their role, are given the knowledge and skills by their health care providers to perform a task in an environment that recognizes community and cultural differences and encourages patient participation.” What does that really mean? You are and empowered patient if: […]