Death Doulas – what is all the talk about?

What is a Death Doula?

Death Doulas provide resources and information, options and alternatives to bring death back home…back into the hands of the family and community.

Paige’s perspective on what it means to be a Death Doula…

  • I have been nursing 25 years and started questioning the way we do death.
  • I believe death should return to the community/ families and it should be “village making.”
  • People should have INFORMED deathcare choices and know all options.
  • For me, in simplest of terms…I want to be of service to the dying, the dead and their families…this service can be whatever the people need or want it to be.
  • the Death Doula scope is wide and includes many areas of practice…
    – assisting in navigating the medical system/ patient advocacy at time of diagnosis through to death
    – education and support in advanced planning
    – increasing dialogue about death
    – sitting vigil with the dying and families
    – supporting in ritual and ceremony
    – post-death support and care (including assisting with paperwork)
    – educating about body disposition options
    – grief support
    – support and assistance with death decluttering

It is common in British Columbia and also in the rest of North America for the funeral home to take care of all the “arrangements” when a death occurs.

It is legal in this province to do all of these things for your friend or family member.

If this is the desire of the deceased and the family, Death Doulas are a resource to assist with this…Also, watch for the Blog on “Post-death Paperwork…”

This may seem like a new idea but it’s been only about 100 years since we personally looked after our own family members after their death.

Death Doulas provide resources and information, options and alternatives to bring death back home. There are a range of options.

The interest in engaging a doula is growing as our aging population struggles for control in this uncontrollable stage of life.