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Patient Pathways specializes in helping patients, family and caregivers navigate the BC healthcare system after accidents, during serious and complex illness, hospitalization, and surgery in the Metro Vancouver area.

We are consistently able to reduce wait times for tests and specialist consultations by 2 to 6 months* (*Not guaranteed)

Consider Patient Pathways if:

  • You’re alone
  • Your loved one is ill or injured and you are too far away or unable to attend frequent health care appointments
  • You’re overwhelmed or you’re not being heard
  • You want to reduce wait times for medical testing or specialty consultations
  • You need to obtain financial compensation

Our Services include:

  • A thorough initial consultation to determine your situation and a written summary with recommendations and resources.
  • Compile a comprehensive, cohesive patient history to present to your healthcare providers
  • Teach your support system (your family and friends) to be effective, ongoing personal patient advocates
  • Arrange and coordinate appointments with your health team, doctors and specialists
  • Attend health care appointments to ensure you are heard, your questions are answered, and you understand what your doctor has told you
  • Help you get the financial compensation you need through Social Assistance, Employment Insurance, WorkSafe, short-term and long-term disability
  • Help you file letters of complaint to health care profession colleges
  • Help you resolve issues regarding care in hospital and residential facilities
  • Help you find appropriate legal advice and services. And, move complaints of negligence forward to malpractice lawyers
  • Ongoing consultations by phone and in person
  • Development of personalized health care plans
  • Arrange health care team meetings to coordinate your care
  • Be at your hospital bedside to supervise the care you are receiving
  • Research and writing official letters of complaint to hospitals and professional health care bodies

We are also available for public speaking engagements.
Ask us about “Surviving and Thriving in the BC HealthCare System” and “Patient and Caregiver Empowerment.”

Survive And Thrive In The B.C. Healthcare System!