About Us

We are Navigator/Advocates

Navigator is the role we work within most of the time. As navigators we walk with you in your healthcare journey. It is a supportive role and we are a member of your team. Healthcare professionals generally recognize the support navigators provide and welcome us to your consultations and appointments.

We are also Advocates fighting for you. As your advocate we lead the way rather than merely being at your side. There are times, such as when registering a complaint, that this becomes necessary. We strive to be non-confrontational and to promote dialogue, working for you.

Our Vision
We support patients and families as they journey through serious and complex illness, injury, and end-of-life. We believe in helping people transform medical crisis and chaos through communication, empowerment, knowledge, and education.
Our Mission
To improve the quality of life of adults affected by serious, complex, traumatic and chronic illness by navigating our fractured and ever changing health care system, and advocating for care when it is, or has been, denied. We will be at our clients’ sides when family and friends are overwhelmed or cannot be present.
Our Values
Respect and dignity for each person
Compassion for all who are entrusted to our care
Integrity and accountability as we meet our responsibilities
Open, accessible and responsive communications
We are experts in healthcare communication and have an extensive understanding of the entire healthcare system: family doctors and specialists, all areas of the acute hospital system, home care services, and all levels of public and private residential care.

Patient Pathways provides an independent specialty service and is a 100% user-pay, for-fee system. It is our goal to remain outside of government influence so that we can advocate and be an activist for healthcare reform. We frequently make official complaints on behalf of our clients to professional bodies and governments.

Patient Pathways primarily supports clients, their families and caregivers with serious and complex illness in navigating our fractured and ever-changing BC healthcare system and advocating for care when it is, or has been, denied. We believe no one should be alone in the healthcare system. We are at the patient’s side when family and friends are overwhelmed or cannot be present, for any reason. We teach and coach patients and caregivers to be more empowered so, wherever possible, you are able to advocate for yourselves.

Our Team Approach
You will be matched with your primary navigator/advocate and be supported with the expertise of the other members of the Patient Pathways team. As part of your package, your navigator-advocate will use the resources of other members of the Patient Pathways team to best support you and your needs.