Joti Gill

Patient Pathways, Joti Gill, Surrey, White Rock, LangleyJoti Gill  |  Navigator/Advocate  |

Joti is a Medical Radiation Technologist and has 20 years of healthcare experience. Every day she sees patients who are not being fully informed of their medical imaging results and this impacts their care and follow-up.

Joti is uniquely qualified to help her clients navigate today’s intimidating healthcare system because she is a rare survivor of pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve noticed that patient’s and families are unaware of the resources that exist or the capacity to access them. I have a special interest in doing what’s right for my patient instead of fitting them into a neat category. Sometimes an emergency room isn’t the best place for them: they just need appointments set up, home care put in place, or to have their family involved because they have lost some capacity and aren’t able to take care of themselves.”

Joti was an empowered patient. Before she had a diagnosis, she was profoundly ill and continued to push for answers for her serious symptoms. Her concerns about a small mass on her pancreas was dismissed due to her age (only 30) and lack of risk factors (she did not smoke, drink and was not overweight). However, there was a strong genetic link to pancreatic cancer and two first degree relatives had died very young of the aggressive cancer. She pushed for a second MRI and the mass had doubled in size. Surgery was performed, and the cancer was contained before it had moved to other organs. She is now seven years cancer-free.

Joti is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi. She serves the Surrey, White Rock and Langley areas of BC’s lower mainland. When Joti is not working, she loves to travel and spend time outdoors.

Her specialties include:

  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Family and health team meetings and mediation
  • Optimizing specialist care, treatment, and appointments
  • Medical chart reviews
  • Set up and review of in home “In Case of Emergency” forms
  • Providing workshops on Advance Care Planning and becoming Empowered patients.