Our Team

We are Navigator/Advocates

Navigator is the role we work within most of the time. As navigators we walk with you in your healthcare journey. It is a supportive role and we are a member of your team. Healthcare professionals generally recognize the support navigators provide and welcome us to your consultations and appointments.

We are also Advocates fighting for you. As your advocate we lead the way rather than merely being at your side. There are times, such as when registering a complaint, that this becomes necessary. We strive to be non-confrontational and to promote dialogue, working for you.

Connie Jorsvik, BSN

Founder & Senior Navigator
Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond

Kerry Phillips, ACP

Administration, Navigator
North & West Vancouver

Paige Lennox, RN, BSN

Kootenays Region

Vicki Lee, MLIS

Researcher, Navigator
North & West Vancouver