Connie Jorsvik

Connie Jorsvik, BSN
Founder, Senior Navigator/Advocate

Connie founded Patient Pathways in 2013. Prior to that she was an RN for 25 years with 15 years of that in cardiac medical and surgical care and a specialty recruiter for Fraser Health Authority for several years, responsible for the hiring process for RN’s and specialty healthcare specialists for the entire region.

“Patient Pathways began as a small business to help family and friends get better health care. I did what I knew and that was complex and serious illness. I had no idea the need for these services was so massive. We are growing rapidly in scope and areas served because of that need.”
Connie has faced her own serious illnesses and has recovered to full health, not because of the care she received but because she was an Empowered Patient, standing up for her rights for thorough and timely care. She’s become an expert in doing that for others.

Her specialties include:

  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Family and health team meetings and mediation
  • Emergency room, hospital and ICU physician-patient meetings
  • Optimizing specialist care and treatment
  • Medical chart reviews
  • Thorough and successful complaints to the Patient Care Quality Offices and Professional Colleges.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) guidance is her purpose and passion and how she gives back to her communities and the province. She is a local, provincial and national speaker on Empowered Patients, ACP, and End-of-Life planning and choice.

Angela, RN
I am delighted to have known Connie Jorsvik as an Independent health care navigator and advocate for one of our clients who moved into one of facilities after the client’s lengthy and complex hospitalization. Connie has consistently shown the highest level of professionalism and dedication to her role as Client’s advocate and as a nurse. Her support throughout the care transition of this client is very much appreciated by staff members.
I commend Connie to anybody who is needing professional service as personal healthcare navigator and patient advocate.
I can’t tell you how important I believe the service you offer is. I see people struggling in the navigation of what to do with parents and loved ones in different situations all the time. As you know, the healthcare system isn’t always as accommodating as we’d like and to have someone consulting towards better options is amazing.
Since hiring Patient Pathways in 2015, Connie Jorsvik has become an integral part of our family’s Health Care team. When a family member is ill or managing a disease, you feel helpless. Not understanding how our Medical System worked, created frustration and fear.

After numerous specialist appointments my brother found himself in hospital awaiting surgery. When visiting, I discovered that he was unclear of his actual diagnosis and treatment options. With Nurses shifts changing and different staff coming in and out of the hospital room, no one was able to answer our family’s questions and concerns. My brother was overwhelmed and scared. We were in over our heads and in need of a professional.

Connie worked quickly to gather all pertinent information and diagnostic test results. She was able to provide us with a clear understanding of the medical issues and described treatment plans. Connie acted as a liaison between the health care professionals and the patient to ensure safe, quality care was administered in a timely fashion.

Thanks to Connie and Patient Pathways, my brother got the medical treatment he needed. He was released from the hospital early and experienced no complications post operatively. By investing in an advocate, Connie was able to connect us with the right professionals at the right time, saving us unnecessary steps, time and money.

When it comes to my family’s health, I am grateful to have Connie in our corner. I have retained Connie for four family members with serious health concerns and will continue to do so in the future. Our current health system is fragmented and Connie provides a holistic approach to interpreting the medical data provided by the system.