Kerry Phillips

Kerry Phillips
Advanced Care Paramedic
Serving North & West Vancouver to Lions Bay

Kerry has been an Advanced Care Paramedic for over 30 years in the Vancouver area. Through this time, she has been witness to countless people who go through health crises and the vast majority of those who are completely unprepared for these events. She believes that you certainly cannot predict or foresee emergencies, but we can do a great deal to mitigate the stressors that compound these situations.

Kerry now assists people in doing just that with her work of navigation and advocacy with Patient Pathways.

“I believe strongly in engaging with and listening to my clients’ needs. Education is paramount and informed decisions are the only way we can come to terms with issues that we face with our health and our lives.”
She is skilled at working with people who are overwhelmed with health care issues and explaining the medical process, trouble shooting, and counselling on how to move forward. She brings organization to situational chaos.

“Having supported people in many medical environments, pre-hospital, acute and chronic illness, trauma and end-of-life decisions, I am well equipped to assist you to navigate through our fractured health care system. I passionately believe that we all have the ability to plan appropriate health care for ourselves right up to our deaths. This significantly reduces stress for ourselves and our loved ones. ‘Leave a legacy, not a mess,’ comes through Advanced Care Planning, and is the corner stone of how to move through our lives so that we can fully embrace and enjoy life itself.”
Her specialties include:

  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Family and health team meetings and mediation
  • Emergency room, hospital and ICU physician-patient meetings
  • Optimizing specialist care, treatment, and appointments
  • Medical chart reviews
  • Set up and review of in home “In Case of Emergency” forms
  • Providing workshops on Advance Care Planning, Empowered patients, what happens when you call 911
Kerry has been invaluable to me in my doctor appointments both with my general practitioner and my specialists. Her understanding of the medical system and the terminology is crucial to my comprehension of my medical conditions. She always summarizes and clarifies information so that I am able to make reasonable and rational decisions regarding my health. If she didn’t come with me I know there are important things that I would miss if I were on my own.
Kerry has been by my side at all my appointments, in the hospital and helping me with post recovery after hospital stays. She is caring, compassionate and wonderful at explaining things to me so that I can understand what is happening and what will be happening. I don’t know what I would do without her helping me.
Kerry has been a wonderful advocate for me during the last few years! She has been diligent in attending all my doctor appointments. She is brilliant in summarizing the medical information in terms I can easily understand. She is compassionate and knowledgeable, helping me to ask the questions I need and ensuring that I feel comfortable with procedures and medications. I highly recommend her services!