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New blogs will be arriving all of the time and often in no particular order. To make the job of reading  a little easier, there is a list of subjects and blog articles below, that will help you read them  in order and a little more like a book. 

Blogs that are active will be GREEN and provide a direct link to the blog. Those in black are pending or are being written.

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Health Care and Advance Care Planning

Part 1:
Health Care Planning is for Right Now!
You are the keeper of your healthcare history.
Introduction to Advance Care Planning: An Overview.
Who will Speak for you? Introduction.
Who will Speak for You? Representation Agreements.

Part 2:

Understanding Resuscitation (No CPR and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST)
Understanding Terms used in Resuscitation and Levels of Care
Determine where you are in your health journey.
Writing your values, beliefs and references for future care (Advance Directives; Living Wills)
Discussions with loved one's and doctors about your wishes and preferences for future care.

Empowered Patients
An Empowered Patient Checklist.
Why we're reluctant to do the work of crisis prevention.
The Power of the Notebook.
Become engaged with a T.E.A.M. approach.
The Art of Effective Communication: The Power of Staying Logical in Doctor's Appointments. 

Navigating the BC Healthcare System
Healthcare Communication is a mess!
Better care at doctor's appointments.
Get the care you need in the Emergency Room!
Improve Care in Hospitals.
Who is who in the hospital zoo: a communications survival guide.
Hospital Discharge Planning!
Understanding Home Care: Private versus Public: Costs and Limitations.
The Basics of Residential Care: Assisted Living vs Long Term Care; Public vs Private.
Navigating your Cancer Journey.
Understanding Palliative Care and Hospice: At Home and Facility Care.
How to Make a Complaint about Healthcare in BC.

End-of-Life Planning
Planning ahead for end-of-life - while you're still healthy.
Embracing Life when Death Comes Knocking.
Determining your values and beliefs for end-of-life.
Who are End of Life Doulas and their role.
A funeral director's guide to planning for your death.

Medical Assistance in Dying
Content in progress.

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