Our Services

We are Specialists in Acute and Serious Illness Patients

We can help you save money, time, and stress.

We coordinate discharge planning team meetings so transition to home or residential care fits your needs
Physician appointments
We meet & coach prior to the appointment, attend the appointment with you,  then produce a written summary of the appointment so you can review it at any time.
We prepare Advanced Care Planning documents: Representation Agreements and Advanced Directives.
We reduce wait times for testing, referrals and surgeries. (most of the time)
We review healthcare documents, and make formal complaints, if necessary. (Special fees apply, see below)
We coach you, the patient or the caregiver, how to be empowered and stand up for your rights and needs. Coach family and loved ones on how to be an effective advocate in the healthcare system.
We assist you in filling out important health insurance documents.
We provide research services about your condition and treatment options.
All of our navigator-advocates have extensive experience in the entire healthcare system so our clients don’t fall between the cracks. We do not work for any government agency so we are your voice and yours alone. We are coaches, provide support to you and your ‘team’. We are here to support you, to be educated witnesses, and to speak up for you when you cannot.
  1. Our ability to advocate for appropriate care and treatment is significantly impaired when patients have seen multiple physicians as this can be labeled as “doctor shopping”.
  2. Our ability to advocate for you can be impaired when you engage in any unhealthy lifestyle choices (for example: overeating, smoking, any narcotic use – whether prescribed or not, etc.) and you are not attempting to control or change these behaviors.
  3. Having us attend at Emergency Rooms or Walk-In clinics is expensive due to lengthy waits. We want to PREVENT emergency room admissions and, therefore, we ask to be a part of ongoing medical appointments.

Opioid Management: Due to College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC 2017 Opioid Standards, we are ONLY able to advocate for any opioid management of pain for those “with cancer, end-of-life and management of substance use disorders.” We will work with patients with severe chronic pain to find other options for pain management with the understanding that these resources are scarce and wait-lists prohibitively long.