Our Services & Fees

We are Specialists in Acute and Serious Illness!

  • Coordinate discharge planning team meetings so transition to home or residential care fits your needs (as much as possible).
  • Physician appointments: we meet and coach prior to the doctor appointment, attend the doctor appointment with you to make sure you are being heard and so you understand what your doctor has told you, and then we give you a written summary of the appointment so you can review it at any time.
  • Prepare Advanced Care Planning documents: Representation Agreements and Advanced Directives.
  • Reduce wait times for testing, referrals and surgeries.
  • Help research information about your condition and treatment options.

Reduce wait times for testing, referrals and surgeries.– Connie Jorsvik

  • Coach you, the patient or the caregiver, how to be empowered and stand up for your rights and needs. Coach family and loved ones on how to be an effective advocate in the healthcare system.
  • Assist you in filling out important health insurance documents.
  • Review healthcare documents, and make formal complaints, if necessary. (Special fees apply, see below)
  1. Our ability to advocate for appropriate care and treatment is significantly impaired when patients have seen multiple physicians as this can be labeled as “doctor shopping”.
  2. Our ability to advocate for you can be impaired when you engage in any unhealthy lifestyle choices (for example: overeating, smoking, any narcotic use – whether prescribed or not, etc.) and you are not attempting to control or change these behaviors.
  3. Having us attend at Emergency Rooms or Walk-In clinics is expensive due to lengthy waits. We want to PREVENT emergency room admissions and, therefore, we ask to be a part of ongoing medical appointments.

Opioid Management: Due to College of Physicians and Surgeons new opioid guidelines, we are unable to advocate for any opioid management of pain. We will work with patients with severe chronic pain to find other options for pain management.

…The cost of having Patient Pathways provide the big picture oversight and peer-to-peer advocacy to my health professionals concerning my inter-related health issues was far less than the financial and emotional toll of not having her services had on my health and my ability to work in my profession. I will continue to use Patient Pathways services to ensure that both myself and my daughter receive the attention and care that all of us deserve. ~CR

Fees – An Investment in Your Health

Clients regularly need 10 hours or more of services. Please keep this in mind as you move forward with this agreement and budget accordingly. A retainer for services performed by Patient Pathways is payable prior to consultations or work commencing unless agreed to prior to commencement of services.

Initial phone calls and consultation for one hour is $100.00, and $90.00 per hour for individual hours after that. If a package of 5 hours or more is agreed upon, the initial hour is FREE and any additional time tracked as part of your package.

  • Five Hour package – $472.50
  • Ten Hour package – $840.00
    *Travel, not included in packages is $60 per hour – tracked in 10 minute increments, billed monthly.
    *All fees include GST*
Packages include
  • Attendance at appointments, meetings and hospitals with written summaries.
  • Upon availability and within business hours, personal administrative support, emails, texts and phone calls.
  • Unscheduled appointments outside of business hours will be charged at $130.00/hour.
  • All time tracked in 10 minute increments.
Specialty Services
  • Research and Complaints – $115.00 per hour.
    The ability to perform in-depth research and interpret medical files is a highly specialized service. We have a very high success rate in producing complaints that result in significantly positive outcomes for our clients.
  • Summaries of health documents take, on average, 2 to 5 hours minimum.
  • Letters of Complaint to Patient Care Quality Offices (PCQO), Patient Care Quality Review Boards (PCQRB), and the Ministry of Health average 10 to 20 hours minimum
  • Research and Letters of Complaint to professional bodies (College of Physicians and Surgeons, College of Registered Nurses, College of Pharmacists, etc.) average 10 to 20 hours minimum.
  • *All fees include GST*
Payment Methods

Preferred method of payment is by Electronic Banking Transfer or Major Credit Card. If paid by cheque and the payment is returned NSF, there will be a $50.00 fee and all work in progress will stop until the amount owing is paid by banking transfer or certified cheque.