Products & Services

Individualized and Specialized Services 

We support patients and families who are experiencing
serious injury or complex physical illness...
(anything that involves a specialist or hospitalization.)

We are currently not able to support those with a primary mental health diagnosis.

Virtual and telephone consultations are offered throughout British Columbia.
In-person attendance at appointments is only offered within the City of Vancouver and Southern Vancouver Island.

Please note that individual, specialized services are 'for-fee' and we cannot offer pro-bono services. We track in 10 minute increments and our time can go a long way, depending on your circumstances.

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Healthcare Navigation

A healthcare navigator is part of your team, walking beside you, holding your hand, showing the way. This is conciliatory mediation role.

Having a personal healthcare navigator will enhance communication and reduce stress.

Services include but not limited to:
Coaching & attendance at physician & specialist appointments.

 Attendance at hospital and  Setting up patient/family meetings to improve communication.

Discharge planning from hospital to home or residential care! 

Navigation and support for patients and families in understanding, applying for, and the process of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

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By-the-hour: $125 + GST

5 hours or more: $100/hour + GST (5 hour retainer required). 

After 10 hours, a 20% discount is offered.


Patient Advocacy

A patient advocate walks ahead of you, leading the way
 when appropriate care has not been provided, and concerns or complaints need to be elevated.

Services include but not limited to:
Consultations & review of documentation.

Verbal & written communication to resolve issues.

Coordination & attendance at patient/family meetings to resolve conflict.

Writing letters of complaint to facilities or professional healthcare Colleges.

Note: Complex letters of complaint can take 20 to 30 hours.

Book your Free 30 minute consultation.

By-the-hour: $125 + GST

5 hours or more: $100/hour + GST (5 hour retainer required).

Please note that formal complaints can take 20 or more hours to complete. 

After 10 hours, a 20% discount is offered.


Case Management

When we are alone, aging, or very ill, we need someone at our side to take care of all of the details of staying or getting healthy. 

As your personal case manager and healthcare administrator, we will coordinate all healthcare appointments, attend appointments, and provide you and your loved one's with a detailed summary of all appointment notes. 

We can oversee both public-subsidized and private-pay caregiving teams. 

We greatly reduce time and stress for you and your family.  

We can check in on you daily.

We track our time in 10-minute increments so that your budget goes further!

5 hours or more: $100/hour + GST (5 hour retainer required)

After 10 hours, a 20% discount is offered.


Advance Care Planning

Serious illness or injury can happen at any time, to anyone of any age.

Plan ahead for a time of serious injury or illness when you cannot speak for yourself.

Naming a Representative, having vital discussions, and writing your preferences for future care are essential for every adult! 

Advance Care Planning Coaching Zoom sessions are broken into 2 or 3 hours with homework in-between.

$75 per hour. Individuals, couples or family members can attend the group sessions at the same rate.


Determine Your Life's Values and Beliefs and Preferences for Future Healthcare

Most of us have no idea what our values and beliefs are... or what they mean to our future health care. 

Connie Jorsvik is an expert at helping you dive deeply and then produce a beautiful, clear Letter of Medical Wishes - including level of resuscitation -  that you can share with your loved-one's and healthcare providers. 

This can be combined with naming your Representative - an essential step in future health planning. 

The discovery and writing takes 2 to 4 hours with homework in between.

$75 per hour. Individuals, couples or family members can attend the group sessions at the same rate.


"Connie's book is like having her in my back pocket!" 

This is a cross-Canada reference book. The first half is on navigating the healthcare system and advocating for yourself or someone you love.

The second half is on planning ahead for a time you are not able to speak for yourself.

The book is available at most Indigo locations. Click here to buy a book or Kindle at Amazon.

Book Testimonials

On Amazon: Jane VH 5.0 out of 5 stars; Verified Purchase Book every family should use. Reviewed in Canada on December 26, 2020  

An amazing book with everything every family should know and use - and comparatively few families think about until too late. It's not just for older people. It includes a lot of forms to print off and fill in. Connie Jorsvik is an expert in her field, and her advice is practical and easy to read/follow. I have bought copies for all my Powers of Attorney and family members so they know what I think and wish. I also sent an e-mail to some 60+ friends and acquaintances - and find the majority have now ordered copies and/or have got around to thinking about the subjects mentioned in the book. Yes, there are other books, but this is the most practical that I have come across, and I highly recommend it.