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Navigating the BC Healthcare System

On this page you will find an ever-growing list of free and for-fee  resources to help you understand and navigate the healthcare system and your health journey: from doctors' offices, to specialists & testing, to ERs, hospitals (and discharge planning), home care, and residential care.

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Resources for Empowered Patients & their Care Partners

This section is currently under construction (and will keep on being built for years to come). Poke around and keep on coming back. If you have resources that should be included, please Contact Us. 

Health Care & Advance Care Planning Resources

Health Care Planning is for right now. It is knowing your past, understanding your current medical history, & preparing for your future.
Advance Care Planning is thinking about your values, beliefs & preferences for care for a time when you can't speak for yourself. 
These extensive resources will help you better understand & prepare.

Resources & Tips for better health & care at home

Most of us will spend little time in emergency rooms & hospitals. We will receive the majority of care in our community.  Navigating care in the community has it's challenges. Receive faster, more thorough care in doctor's and specialists offices. And when you need care at home, you will find information you need to get the best care possible.

Hospital Care & Discharge Planning

The hospital system moves fast  and care is highly fragmented. It is here, more than any other place, that you and your care partner must be empowered and assertive.
The most difficult & dangerous transition in health care is from hospital to home. Be better prepared by having this information, services & resources available.
The information & resources will help you to be prepared.

Resources to help during a cancer journey

Cancer care is complex and often overwhelming - at a time when you are already overwhelmed by your diagnosis. Many patients see 3 or more kinds of oncology specialists. The information & resources will help you navigate this complex journey. 

Resources & information for a time when you can no longer live at home

Independence & autonomy over our own lives is something that is important for absolutely everyone. It's often a difficult step when we can no longer manage our own care.  There is a lot of misinformation about residential care & hospice care. This information & resources should help clear things up.

Resources for planning ahead for end-of-life

Planning for the end of our lives may begin through exploration of our own values, beliefs & fears. 
For many of us, however, we don't think about the end until the end.
This ever growing list of education, resources & services will help, no matter where you are in your journey.