Help Us Help Others!
Please consider joining the Patient Pathways team as an administrative or social media volunteer, healthcare navigator-advocate, or financial contributor... or sponsor a webinar or a blog.

See more detailed descriptions, below.

Social Media Support: Volunteer Position

I know that social media is absolutely essential and I am absolutely terrible at it. I need someone to come in and, at a minimum, hold my hand and get me started until I can handle it without training wheels - or better yet - take it off of my hands.

Know that you will be doing something incredible for the world. If you make enough of a difference, it might turn into a paid position.

Contact me if you can help.

Administrative Support: 
Volunteer Position

I need a million little things managed including setting up webinars, finding groups who would like me to speak, but the biggest of all is proof reading my blogs and communications so that I don't have to re-read my own words a hundred times and still miss things. 

I could use a small army of volunteers or one experienced administrator who has the time to make me their own personal project. Again, this could turn into a paid job.

Contact me if you can help.

Sponsor a blog or a webinar!

Have you got a blog or webinar topic that you  would like me to address or a story that you would like highlight? If you sponsor a blog or a webinar, your name and story would go at the top of the blog.

Generally a blog and webinar  takes 4 to 6 hours to research and write. A financial contribution of part or all of that time would be greatly appreciated.

(Minimum sponsorship $200. Average sponsorship $400.)

Contact me if you have a topic of passion that you want to push out to the world.

Financial donations or investments

Currently Patient Pathways operates on a shoestring budget. Any donations (which are not tax-deductible) would go directly to public education.

If you would like to invest in Patient Pathways, let's talk. 

Business Mentorship or Business Manager

I'm not a genius in business development and I don't have the time to be growing this business in the ways that it could rock the world.

If you have the Midas touch and have some time to help me take Patient Pathways to the next level, please contact me.

Come on board Patient Pathways as a healthcare navigator.

Are you an healthcare professional (RNs or SWs preferred) with experience in any area of the BC healthcare system? You'll need the magic sauce (as described below). If you think you do, let's talk about having you come on board the Patient Pathways team.

Go to Contact and tell me about yourself and why you are interested. 

We're changing the healthcare system one patient at a time... and we can do that a little faster, with a little help.

"We can be uncompromising in our vision and flexible in our path" ~ A.O.C.

This work is vital and immensely rewarding. I’m making a difference but one person is not enough. I hope you will consider joining Patient Pathways in ways big or small. 

For the last 10 years, my vision has never changed: I am here to help patients and families survive and thrive after serious injury and illness, and when death comes knocking (as my dear friend Stephen puts it), to be a part of them having the best death possible. But my path is ever-evolving. 

As I approach my retirement years, some of my clients have been alarmed that I might not be available (years from now). Nearly everyone says, "We need a bunch more Connie's." I could not agree more. I believe there could be a couple hundred of us and it would not begin to fill the gap. I would welcome the competition.
The need for information and support in navigating and advocating for health care is absolutely immense. This is much too big for one person to take on and I have never wanted to do this business by myself.  I have made several attempts at expansion over the last 10 years. I've had wonderful, highly experienced people on my team
 but COVID hit us, too - both figuratively and literally, and I am back to being a business of one.

Getting what's in my head out to the world - and how that involves you...
While I will continue to support my clients, I know that the information, knowledge and wisdom I have gathered over the years has to be converted to education and the written word. Below are ways - tiny to humungous - you can help get this vital information out to the general public so that every adult and every care partner has the tools and knowledge they need to not only survive but thrive in our BC healthcare system.  

The challenge of finding navigator-advocates with the magic sauce: 
There are several significant issues in finding and retaining great, experienced team members with solid knowledge of the BC system. First and foremost is that it takes an entrepreneurial mind-set and the ability to be financially independent as their business grows - and that's tough for people who have been used to a salary. And this is not a job of easy fixes and finger-snapping to make things better: it takes patience and hand-holding, with a liberal sprinkling of problem-solving, networking skills, relationship building, conflict resolution, and finessed assertiveness. It always involves the ability to have a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends and, therefore, not something that one can take on in their spare time. I have dubbed all of this as the navigator-advocate magic sauce.  If you think you have it, please contact me. 

For-profit versus non-profit future
And then there's the ability for people to pay for services. While the need for services is overwhelming, it is concerning that only those with a healthy bank account can afford my services.  But I  have also discovered, the human condition causes us to be more involved in our own health and care when we've paid someone to help us.

I have looked into Patient Pathways changing into  a non-profit model.  There have been a few  significant things that have stopped me: the start-up costs, and legal fees have been beyond my bank account and my skill-set. But most of all, non-profits receive the majority of their money from government grants, and that means that I would no longer be serving my clients alone. I make complaints to the Patient Care Quality Offices and the health professionals Colleges frequently. Would government be happy to fund  a business that pushes back against issues in their own healthcare system? If you have business sense and think you could help me take this into a non-profit model, I'd love to hear from you. 

Financial support:
Small to large financial donations would be most gratefully received. This would allow me to help more clients who are not able to afford my services, allow me to take the time to train new navigator-advocates, and provide greater public education outreach.

If you have other ideas or skills that I have not listed, please let me know!

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