Supporting, Educating & Empowering

Through public education and individual support Patient Pathways has helped hundreds of clients and families in successfully navigating the BC Healthcare System. 

As individuals, we are often remarkably under-educated and unprepared for serious injury, and serious illness, or even slow decline. We expect the healthcare system to swoop in, pick us up, and hold us in its arms until we are better. But that simply doesn’t happen. Those days, if they ever existed, are long gone.

All patients, loved ones, and care partners need resources and education at their fingertips. Patient Pathways resources are focused on the BC Healthcare System and are completely free. (See the Resources page.)

If you need one-one-one healthcare navigation and patient advocacy we have for-fee specialty services where we will be with you or your loved one, every step of the way throughout the healthcare system. (See the Products & Services page.)

We serve all of British Columbia virtually by phone and Zoom.

Connie Jorsvik, Senior Healthcare Navigator and Patient Advocate, Owner.
Serving Metro Vancouver

"I have reduced stress  and anxiety for hundreds of patients and families and have helped save many a great deal of money. Through vigilant oversight, and raising alarm bells, I saved countless lives. (Please see the wonderful testimonials, below.) I am kind and respectful to everyone involved. The patient's healthcare providers are always happy to have me on the team. 

I am direct and incredibly honest. I push for healthcare professionals, patients and families to be the best they can be: because that's what it takes to save lives and change the healthcare system... one patient at a time."

Connie has been an advocate all of her life, always standing up against injustice. She was an RN for 25 years – 15 of that in cardiac medical and surgical care - and she was always an advocate for her patients.

Connie started Patient Pathways 10 years ago.  She understands the entire healthcare system and has built strong bridges in all segments to help solve issues quickly and seamlessly. She is an expert in health care & advance care planning and is the past National Advance Care Planning coordinator for Dying with Dignity Canada.

She strongly believes in the right to choose how a person dies and that everyone should have a good death, no matter the course or end of an illness. She has helped to coordinate and has attended many beautiful and incredible medically assisted deaths. To be at a person's final moments is an incredible honour and privilege.

She is the author of Advance Care Planning: Prepare for Serious Illness, published by Self Counsel Press in 2020.

Adrianna Hepper, Healthcare Navigator and Case Manager
Serving Southern Vancouver Island

As a patient advocate and healthcare navigator for over 25 years, it has been my great honour to help those facing healthcare challenges understand all options available to them, then work together to map a clear path to pain relief, comfort and recovery.

I have extensive experience in cancer and gastrointestinal advocacy and navigation, as well as pre + post operation, pain management and home support organization.

I will help you assemble and prioritize the many to-dos, simplify the overwhelm of medical jargon, and work with you to boldly ask for further clarification.

I invite patients and families to see me as a personal case manager and healthcare translator - attending doctors visits with the patient, listening carefully, taking notes, and helping ensure everyone perfectly understands all options and objectives.

My aim is to help empower patients, and their families, by teaching them how to advocate for themselves, while providing a safety net to ensure no person falls through the cracks while at their most vulnerable.

It is my great honour to be a part of the Patient Pathways team, and look forward to asking, “How can I help you most today?”.

Joti Gill,
Senior Healthcare Navigator, Advocate & Case Manager

Serving Surrey and surrounding cities.
Joti is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Joti is a Medical Radiation Technologist and has more than 20 years of healthcare experience. Every day she sees patients who are not being fully informed of their medical imaging results and this impacts their care and follow-up. 

Joti is uniquely qualified to help her clients navigate today’s intimidating healthcare system because she is a rare survivor of pancreatic cancer because she was an empowered patient. Before she had a diagnosis, she was profoundly ill and continued to push for answers for her serious symptoms and, eventually surgery. She is now ten-years cancer-free.

“My purpose is to help you interpret the changing health care system and how to navigate it for the best possible outcome. During serious illness it can be extremely stressful for families and I can help to relieve that stress by organizing and coordinating care needs. I have helped many clients identify challenges that they are facing in their care.

I have experience speaking to families about advance care planning. I have seen many families struggling while their loved one is at the end of life. Due to lack of communication, families are burdened to make these decisions on their own.

As a healthcare navigator I have insider knowledge and direct experience about how the healthcare system works.

I also see that adults in the South Asian culture are unaware of the pressures on the system and are not as proactive about advocating for themselves as they should be. I bring a unique set of skills in being able to reach out to people in my culture to show how them how they can successfully navigate our complicated healthcare system.”


In the last seven years, Patient Pathways has been there for me and five different members of my family. Each medical emergency required multiple health skills to assess the proper attention and treatment.

The wide range of appointments, tests, procedures, and required resources was daunting. They were able to cut through the medical lingo and provided us with a straightforward path to addressing all our medical issues.

They saved us countless hours of fear and worry.

If you or your family are dealing with the medical system, I highly recommend the Patient Pathways team as your medical advocate.

We hired Patient Pathways to help us navigate a complex surgery for my father-in-law. Our navigator-advocate attended all of the pre-operative appointments helped put together Advance Care Planning documents the day before his surgery. He did not do well and she was by our family's side for 3 days communicating with his doctors. When he died, we were at peace, largely because we understood everything that was happening and that his wishes were honoured. Since then she has helped both of my parents get the home care and residential support they desperately needed. Communication was often a challenge and she was able to get the answers we needed immediately. Everyone needs a member of the Patient Pathways team on their team! 

I am a healthy person, with an active body & mind. I always wanted while I am able to decide, to arrange for all the necessary issues, and my wishes at the end of the road, and at the time when I am not capable physically or mentally to do so. I heard about Patient Pathways and their workshops, and a few months ago I was a participant in one workshop at P.S. Foundation. I knew then I have found what I was looking for. After a few weeks, with their help, I have two forms in place: My choices in regard to the care, at a time that I cannot talk, or think properly. And, I have named my Health Representatives. I feel much happier now, and relaxed, as I know everything will be in place with their help. My navigator was punctual in her appointments, very pleasant in nature, caring, and always there for you to help with any questions.

My father was in a Vancouver hospital and I was not able to see him regularly as I live out of town. I was increasingly worried about his physical and mental state. Procedures and treatment continued that I knew he would not want... if someone had just taken the time to ask! I was being persistent but not getting the answers I needed. I hired a Patient Pathways navigator who was able to quickly open up the communication channels. Because of her efforts he was listened to and got better information. Treatment was compassionately withdrawn and my father died several days later, peacefully with his family at his side. I am devastated by the loss, but I take comfort that, with her help, I was able to do my very best for him. 

Connie Jorsvik was a volunteer with the West End Seniors’ Network in 2015-2016 when we launched a one-year Representation Agreement Outreach Program. Connie was required to attend in-person training and complete her own extensive self-study to become competent in teaching about legal health Representation Agreements, and then helping older adults to choose and create their documents. Connie excelled in all areas that were required. Her enthusiasm, competency, intelligence, and compassion for the needs of the older adults was evident from her first day as a volunteer, and for the entirety of this program.
Since then, she has remained connected to the West End Seniors’ Network by teaching Advance Care Planning to our members several times per year. The feedback from our members about the information she shares is overwhelmingly positive. Connie has become an expert in this area, and she conveys the information clearly and simply. 

Connie came on board for a very complex hospital discharge for my mom. She had been in the hospital for months after a series of strokes which left her paralyzed. We were not getting the information we needed and she was being shoved out the door without anywhere for her to go. Homecare was impossible. Connie became the case manager for my mom who went on to live in long-term care for over 3 years due to Connie’s tireless efforts. She became my father's healthcare navigator and even a stint as mine. Because she was so proactive and reliable, I knew my parents were in good hands, especially during the pandemic. She and I still remain a team to this day. Having someone who is knowledgeable about the realities of the current healthcare system is frankly critical. There are so many pitfalls that patients and their families can’t possibly foresee. Due to her diligent oversight there is no doubt that she saved my parents' lives countless times. She is kind and compassionate, yet direct when that's what you need to hear. I cannot imagine what would have happened without her. I got priceless time with my mother, long past what the doctors predicted, and I owe it all to Connie.